Nawal Benzoua Discusses “Maya and Grace” at GESS

Join us for a captivating event exploring the power of sisterhood with Nawal Benzoua, author of the heartwarming children’s book “Maya and Grace.” This session delves deeper into Nawal’s recent GESS interview, where she sheds light on the inspiration behind her story and the importance of celebrating inclusivity.

“Maya and Grace” invites readers into the enchanting Kingdom of Mouchi, where two extraordinary sisters embark on an unforgettable adventure. Maya, known for her stunning beauty, and Grace, a child with Down syndrome, share a bond that transcends differences.

Nawal Benzoua’s passion for writing stems from her own experiences. Inspired by her sister with Down syndrome, Nawal aspires to create stories that empower and inspire. More than just an author, Nawal is a force for inclusivity within the accessibility community.