A Conversation with Prem Rawat on “Hear Yourself” at GESS

Join us for a captivating event exploring the depths of self-discovery with Prem Rawat, author of the acclaimed book “Hear Yourself.” This exclusive session delves into his recent GESS interview where he sheds light on the transformative power within each of us.

“Hear Yourself” is an empowering guide on finding the antidote to life’s inevitable challenges – fear, anger, and worry. Backed by Prem Rawat’s decades of experience and wisdom, the book offers a practical approach to inner peace, a resource readily available within ourselves. Hear inspiring testimonials from renowned figures like Michael Bolton and Susan Stiffelman, who found profound insights and solace within Prem Rawat’s words.

Prem Rawat brings a wealth of experience to the table, spanning over 50 years. From his early days as a prodigy to his iconic teenage years and evolution into a global peace ambassador, Prem has touched the lives of millions with his exceptional clarity and commitment to well-being.