Book Signing and Documentary Screening with Salwa Al-Nuaimi at The Emirates Airline Festival of Literature

Our esteemed author, Dr Salwa Al-Nuaimi, invites the readers to the book signing event for her book, The First Barrel of Fortune, preceded by a screening and discussion of the documentary “Yado and I” as part of the Emirates Airline Festival of Literature program. The events are scheduled for Sunday, 13 February 2022, at Al Joud Ballroom 1, Hilton, Al Habtoor City, from 4 pm to 6.30 pm. Tickets are available here for the book signing and the documentary.

The First Barrel of Fortune is a story about rapid advancements in the UAE. The book shares the progress of the UAE from a scattered tribal land with a primitive economic structure to a regional and global economic powerhouse. The book explores the various changes that came with technological advancements. Get a copy of the book here.

Dr Salwa Al-Nuaimi was born and raised in the UAE. She was the first Emirati woman to get a scholarship by ADNOC for her doctorate. She worked in several government institutions and is currently working as a faculty adjunct at Zayed University, Dubai. She is a mother of three passionate children ready to follow in her mother’s footsteps.