The Author of Dot Lubna Mohammad Altamimi to Attend Her Book Signing Event at Hili Mall


The author of her first book Dot, Lubna Mohammad Altamimi, will be attending her book signing event which is going to be held at Iwan bookstore, Hili Mall, Alain on December 28, 2019. She will be available at the mall for just over two hours from 5:30 PM to 7:30 PM. She will also be reading some excerpts for the attendees along with signing the book copies and giving autographs. So, mark your calendars if you are going out for fun or your usual shopping as it will be an interesting event for all the book enthusiasts in Alain.

Lubna’s book, Dot describes the unique perspective of what it means to be a human and what should be our purpose in life. Her book focuses on the theme of mental health and awareness and is catalogued under the health and wellbeing section on our website. The book is for anyone who is disillusioned from the harsh realities of modern society and feels alienated in this era where you are constantly bombarded with incomprehensible information. She dedicates her book to the people who want to find their inner voice and it claims to provide a fresh new start to every lost person.

Born in 1965, Lubna Mohammed Hassan is an inspiring author and Emirati trainer based in Abu Dhabi. In her own words: “Life is a journey, and the ones who enjoy it are only a few, so be one of them.”

“DOT is an Intellectual vitamin dose for those suffering from symptoms of the times and its dispersants”.

“DOT is for anyone who wants to discover him or herself”.

Looking forward to seeing you all at the Book Signing Event!