You Have Ignited My Desires

Kamal Al Sharkawy

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This poetry collection is composed in the traditional and classical Arabic poetry form, and it expresses personal experiences with the lover, the family, friends, and co-workers. The poet expresses in his poetry the contents of his heart, his feelings towards himself and towards others, as well as the feelings of others.

I am a romantic poet. My sources of inspiration are many, which includes the lover, the sea, and nature which presented us with amazing, creative, divine paintings that enchant the minds and captivate hearts. But at the same time, as it’s the nature of all poets, I write about all the purposes of poetry, including the different situations with the sources of inspiration. Each situation is like a poem, as it imposes itself on the poet.

Kamal Al Sharkawy (crazy about Nadia) writes poetry that expresses real, sincere poetic and emotional experiences that he lived through with his entire being, and his romantic poems are gripped by love, as well as the longing for the second and last lover, as he sometimes blames his longing for not reaching her, and sometimes he blames her for not feeling his longing as if her feelings were ice cold, what a darling and inspiration she is!

She was able to captivate him with her gentleness, which she almost concealed from him, but her behavior with him exposes her and makes her appear as her most beautiful look at times, and at other times her wonderful captivating smile melts him and makes him soar in space with the stars and planets, and what a feeling he feels when he feels that these and those are his alone, given to him by his lover. Or his muse, or as he likes to address her in his songs or poems, no matter how he describes her, he still will not be able to convey her beauty. He lives for her sake and for the sake of his poetry, and there are many people who are honest in their feelings towards their beloved ones like he is.

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