I Won’t Be Yours the Way You Want

Eman Mohammed Jawad Al Bader

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Laila sat in her room pondering her photo album with Mahmoud, and remembering the first time she met him, and how he started courting her. She didn’t give any attention to what he said, and she thought he was only flirting with her. Day after day, he got closer to her, and one day when they were in the library, he took his chance under the pretense of helping her with the research she was doing about Shakespeare’s play Romeo and Juliet. He confessed his love for her, and at that moment, she got shy and could not tell him that she loved him the first time she looked into his eyes, and she ran and left her books on the table.

The next day, he returned her books and notebooks to her, and she found words he had written for her that she still kept, so she took out the notebook and read what he wrote to her: “I began to love the night because it is after your name, and I love the day because I see you and gaze upon you. Your innocence and kindness have stolen my mind and heart. Give me back my mind that is lost with your love and let my heart sleep comfortably in the bosom of your heart.”

Eman Mohammed Jawad Al Bader is born in Baghdad, Iraq.
She holds a bachelor's and master's degree in translation (Arabic - English - Arabic).
She has loved reading since her childhood. She was raised on a love of literature, reading romantic novels and Arabic poetry.
She witnessed the wars in Iraq, and was forced to leave her homeland for the safety of her children.
She is an American expatriate who yearns for the warmth of the homeland and the affection of relatives and friends. She is an exemplary wife and a dedicated mother in caring for her children in a difficult time and a bitter estrangement from her homeland.
She searches for freedom and stability, and hopes that peace will prevail in all parts of the world.

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