Willow Wings

Reem Almullah

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How do we know if we are different to one another? It’s true we differ physically but do we look at ourselves and others through the eyes of our spirits and hearts? It is a deep question, so here is my answer; We are made out of memories, experiences, traits and thoughts maybe even more. We do not show everything to the world what lies deep inside us but we’re spirits defined what grew us, affected us, when we’re alone with just our own things, when we think, feel deep we all have wings made from photos of our memories, papers of all the words hit us hard, feathers of the old and new us. In this collection of poetry I share my deepest empathy of almost everything lies in your wings, I do hope out of everything I’ve written in my poetry you grow into the most beautiful form of you with newer wings.

From a shy teenager behind her laptop writing down her feelings away to the woman today sharing them with the world! For 15 years Reem Almullah believed that poetry should be more of empathy than just pieces of literature; through her poetry she wasn’t just speaking out her own feelings but also the people in her life, close or far. Sometimes just a song inspires her to write, she has published two books and now she is ready for her third book to come out, making sure that feelings aren’t something to be ashamed of or to hide.

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