Untitled for Now

Abdulrahman AlBanna

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A journey
Through the hardships of life.
The struggles,
The darkness within,
The rights,
The wrongs.
To a moment,
A simple moment
Of clarity,
Leading to

We each have our own journeys in life: paths we are forced to take, and passageways through which we all struggle. Darkness surrounds us, slowly consuming us, and a darkness within screams out the names of every sin. Every restless night, every tiresome day, every tearful fight, and every word we couldn’t say. The rights and wrongs. The sorrows and heartbreaks. The times we were forced to play along. All of our mistakes. All of them. Everything leads to a moment that changes everything. A moment marking a new chapter in our lives. A moment of clarity, where we finally see the truth, where we finally see ourselves. A moment where we have a decision to make. A moment of choice, leading to self-discovery and marking yet another journey. A new journey, like all our other journeys. Darkness and light. Fight after fight. Nothing is right; nothing is wrong. This was justice all along. A path we must take for our own sake, to finally be able to see. A path for you. A path for me.

Abdulrahman Al-Banna was born in Dubai in 1996 and was raised in a family-oriented household. He fell in love with writing ever since he was a little boy and started creating his own characters and stories. He now holds a Bachelor’s degree in petroleum engineering and a Master’s program in skills of a TV director. He is dedicated to supporting those he loves and helping those in need.

Writing became his El Dorado when it comes to expressing his more personal thoughts and setting his emotions free.

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