Unforgivable Confessions

Lubna Nassif Obeid

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The expatriation here absorbs the best of you, it absorbs your passion for life, your dreams and the most beautiful years of your life, it takes some of your features and gives you a new face that may not look like you. It turns you into a robot programmed to run day and night just pretending to live Here, you live alone regardless how many friends or relatives you have, and how much you are surrounded by people who pretend to love you and care about you. Nobody here is interested in your problems and nobody feels your pain. Everyone is busy with his own life, and pretend not hearing you even when you speak to them face to face. To be an expatriate is to scream for help in a moment of weakness, and you know that no one is coming to rescue you but yourself. You always try to smile with your exhausted lips from pain that no one knows except you, and you pretend living so you can stay alive!

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