Took Me Away

Tayer Alfrdous

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Do I want him to share the same feelings with me?

I was determined to run away and leave forever!

I have to fight this love… But I have no control over my heart… so this is my heart’s fault.

I was caught between two fires… The fire of love… and the fire of sacrifice.

Which will Reem choose, with that fire burning in her chest?

What does fate have in store for her? Would it be fair to her because she is a female?

What fate awaits her? Are there any misfortunes and tragedies that will befall her?

Tayer Alfrdous has a fun personality, loves travel and adventure, has a wide imagination, is a hardworking person and loves excellence. She is optimistic and looks forward to the future. She loves reading novels, especially fantasy ones. She is interested in sports and practices it daily.

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