The Pigeon Chronicles

Sara Galadari

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Oh, how Bobby hated pigeons.

In fact, he hated pigeons so much that he would rather see them all go extinct than have to live in the same world with one for another minute.

It was time Bobby took things into his own hands. However, being the unfortunate, accident-prone individual that he was – not to mention his blind hatred for pigeons – things could only end in apocalyptic pandemonium.

Sara Galadari is an Emirati best-selling author, having written numerous books for children and young adults. Bitten by a bookworm as a young child, she developed an unquenchable thirst for consuming every book she could get her hands on.
Born and raised in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, she spent her youth visiting libraries and checking out dozens of books at a time (taking advantage of her brothers’ library cards to cheat the system and check out even more books for the week). After taking an interest in how language can shape meaning across culture, society, media, and cognitive processes, she went on to get her BA and MSc in Communication.
Sara draws from her education to write stories that touch on pivotal topics, with the hopes of shaping bright minds to build a better tomorrow.

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