The Masks of Life

Dr. Shahad Alkaeit

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Write about masks of life about the masks people put on you; So that you don’t see what they do…what they feel, you become like a doll doing anything to like you, but why did you decide to wear this mask? Why did you make your life a mask that, as time went by, you couldn’t take it off? You cannot breathe…You want them to take it off, but they do not know its existence, so you are the only one who is in a hole that revolves around yourself. Why me? why me? Yes, it is you who put the mask on your life, you who put yourself in this problem, you hear all this as a tape repeated and repeated that says meaning to your life that you have wasted by your foolishness, because life has many masks that we do not see, but rather we live it. My writing about these masks; Because it is inside us, it is every aspect of life, it is pain…fear…love and happiness. It takes us from our soul and our mind a lot to keep our soul tired, and our face is covered with a mask called the mask of life. To live with it, lose ourselves, forget who we are, these are the masks of life.

Dr. Shahad Alkaeit is a dentist who graduated from Princess Noura University for Women, and was born in Riyadh - Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. She works on her hobby and passion in writing things related to life despite her preoccupation in studying dentistry, and she still finds time in writing the things that made her personality and made it what it is. She sees that the medical world does not take a person from the work of his passion and love to do small things, as she finds that her study of dentistry is what took the writer's part out of her and made her express herself in the best way possible.

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