The Hearts Playground

Mazen Fardan

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Join Zabrina as she travels to different locations around the world with her magical cat companion, Neko, on a journey of self-discovery. Each destination brings its own set of challenges and lessons. From the vibrant streets of Mumbai to the dreary rains of London, the vast fields of Mexico, and the bustling metropolis of Dubai. Zabrina will learn about each location’s history and culture, but more importantly, she will learn about herself and the power of courage and love. Will she be able to open her heart’s oyster and find the pearl within? Find out by joining Zabrina and Neko on their adventures through the secret playground.

A graduate of Fordham University with a Bachelor of Business Administration, has professionally experienced a career in the stock market and managing a family-owned real estate business. Mazen has used his experiences as a married father of four as inspiration for his creative pursuits, including writing captivating stories.

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