The Essence of Karak

Priyanka R. Bijlani

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In this contemporary collection of poems, Priyanka embraces the transformative power of storytelling through multicultural crafted verse to illuminate the threads that connect us all. Through her tapestry of anecdotes and shared lived experiences, she conveys a message of what its takes to be strong or karak‘. 

Priyanka Bijlani is a UAE-based poet of American, Indian, and Malaysian heritage and a polyglot (5 languages and counting). She is a graduate of the University of Oxford and a Public Policy professional. Her poetry style and passion for multilingual and multicultural storytelling stems from its power to transcend borders and convey a sense of universality with respect to human emotions and experiences regardless of the parameters in which they emerge.

The Essence of Karak is modern-day compilation of free verse poetry that shares reflections of places and people of inspiration, and encounters that exhibit life’s dualities from the perspective of a 21st century millennial woman.

In this collection, Priyanka takes readers on a journey through multiple cultural realms while carrying through the essence of what it takes to be strong or ‘karak’.

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