The Days We Are

Jamila Alderei

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In this life, moments pass us by, and a moment comes to elevate the next moment. Life is nothing but moments – moments from which we learn, moments from which we advance, moments in which we rise and moments in which we achieve. Each moment elevates us to be the person we are now in this moment.

Our life has been given to us by God so that we can manage it for the better. What a great blessing it is to realize that the moments we experienced are only moments that built this moment. Let us think about how many moments have changed us so that we can realize and influence those around us!

Yes, these moments came to tell us that everything begins from a moment of thought, awareness, and decision. They came to say that a small achievement may become a big achievement in a moment. They came to tell you, at this moment and every moment, that you can make a difference in yourself, those around you, and in this world.

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