The Ancients – Desire

Mahmoud Awadelkareem Musa Abdellateef

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The novel is the first part of the series “The Ancients”. It is an adventure of the members of the “Sinjway” tribe – who lived in Africa thousands of years ago – The novel is told through their awareness rather than their minds, and explains how these conflicts have shaped the human desire, and that all pivotal events in human life are inherited in human genes.

The novel explains the role of perception in creating myths, forming morals, and shaping human desires, and that every human behavior stems from instinctive accumulations that man has inherited through the ages.

Some chapters of the novel take the mind away to explain the origin of the universe and life from an imaginary perspective, to reflect that there are still new ideas that the human mind can present, and that there are many philosophical problems inside our minds that we have not yet answered.

Mahmoud Awadelkareem Musa Abdellateef is a writer and novelist from Sudan, his writings are mixed with controversial fiction and realism, and are always filled with revolutionary ideas that often intersect with what others are accustomed to, which opens other doors for dialogues that ramify to raise new questions.

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