Technical Characteristics in the Literature of Abdulaziz bin Abdullah Al-Khwaiter

Dr. Faisal Bin Mohammed Althqel

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The book discusses the work of the prominent Saudi minister and writer, Dr. Abdul Aziz bin Abdullah Al-Khwaiter, by studying the literary genres, the aesthetics of its presence, its techniques, and variations: narration in biographies, storytelling, narration of thoughts (short texts), narrative article, message, and the will. It analyzes the elements of narrative structure in Al-Khwaiter literature: the title, the introduction, the conclusion, the character structure, time structure, place, description, dialogue, plot elements, and how it was formed in creative texts that expressed the identity and reality of the Arab and Saudi society. The book focuses on the stylistic analysis of Al-Khwaiter literature, applying the dimensions of the contemporary stylistic approach to reading and analyzing Al-Khwaiter literature, especially in his book (وسم على أديم الزمن) although it belongs to biographical literature. However, it is considered as a document on the development of life in Saudi society since the middle of the twentieth century. The study reveals the value of the Saudi prose text, its close connection with the ancient Arab heritage, and its important role in building the Arab human being and refining his behavior and morals.

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