Suda – 1925-1907

Amer Bin Ali

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That cold night on my way to Taif was difficult. When that camel appeared to me like a mirage approaching little by little, I did not imagine that it was carrying that newborn on its back. I then realized that I had two choices, one of which was what I had drawn for myself, and the other was what fate had brought me.. The journey was on the path of enduring hardships, and that honesty that I had not Calculate it before that night (Musab). We think that we are the ones who determine our ways and paths in this life, but the reality is that we are the ones who choose them.
How difficult it is for a person to be placed between paths that fate has drawn for him and deprived him of the right to choose between them (Sawdah). Opportunities were not going to knock on our doors, but when fate smiled at us and opportunities knocked on our windows and doors, we did not prevent our opportunistic instinct from seizing them and turning them to our advantage, even if they were knocking on our windows and doors by mistake (Safiya).

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