Spark From the Red Planet

Rashid Alrahmani

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The story revolves around our hero who had an accident that completely changes the sequence of events; Which led to the release of the deadliest existence in the universe, that in return, unleashed evil everywhere causing a complete destruction.

Sharar and his friends can only confront this evil, overcome challenges and difficulties, and try to keep pace with life in this new world and make it better.

Sharar is only the start point, and each individual in his world has a unique story, sometimes it brings them together, and it separate them at other times. The narration of this interesting story will come sequentially, but the end remains hard to predict.

Rashid Alrahmani was born in Deira, Dubai; Where he spent most of his education, and part of his higher education.

He completed his undergraduate studies and received his Bachelor's degree in Business Administration from Roger Williams University in Bristol, Rhode Island - USA.

He has a great passion for innovation and creativity, especially science fiction. He created “عالم شرار" with its characters and designs; To be as he wishes, different and unique.

He believes that:

"We Arabs, can compete with Eastern and Westerns in producing the science fiction stories."

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