Ameera Abdelgawad

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Burn in shelter, in escape, in refuge

Burn in a sacred secret space of destiny

Burn in shame or in contentment

Burn in ecstasy

Burn in sweetness or in endeavours of sacrifice

Burn layers of ego, shadows, traumas, and hidden vice

Burn the falsehood of earthly fights

Burn your depths to screams and aches

Burn, your flames will light the way for others to find

Burn my love

Burn in delight

On a journey of the self, the seeking for clarity and wisdom, yearning for a connection with the higher self – this comes with highs and lows, pushes and pulls, resistance, liberation, blazing passion, and calm surrender.

Sofia’s secrets of the blue will take you on a journey, surfing these tides of longing. This collection of poetry is a search for spiritual enrichment in the pursuit of unity.

Ameera Abdelgawad is a holistic healing practitioner, a homeopath and a Reiki master who originally studied business administration but later followed her passion studying and practicing holistic healing, also a scholar of Sufism. She was fond of writing at a young age but has pursued her calling again since 2014. Ameera’s love for mystic poetry and literature has left a print on her that comes out as creative writing in poetic expression.

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