Short Love Stories

Fatten Abu Fakher

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Through longing, anxiety, and waiting, defying the wall of fear, caution, and tranquillity, love emerges with colourful shadows and scents, penetrates our dreams, and reshapes a human self-tired of the futility of life.

We fear her strange features and her perfume mixed with the scent of rain and pine.

She caresses our thoughts, and its shadows turn into the faces of our familiarity with their purity, faces that are us in the world of love.

She elevates us, gives us the strength to fly in a space that is satisfied only with the brilliance of a love hidden under the dust of time.

Short journeys of love that take place quickly in worlds that do not believe in similarity. They rob us of careful alertness, and we enter into circles of love, in which the essence remains one despite external circumstances that are contaminated with other than love, to declare a victory based on the abstract concept of humanity.

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