Schizophrenic Galaxy

Majid Ideisan

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A journey into one’s mind is an exploration of the universe itself. A schizophrenic galaxy is a reality we live in. My thoughts led me into a walk down the electric roads in my mind, it was the winter that kept our love warm, Elysian fields of our extraterrestrial love. I hold you closer near the Arc de Triomphe where you justify the essence of a French kiss. We swift down Victor Hugo as my collar dances with your hair. We lay dazzled in Sainte-Chapelle screaming for your music, mesmerized by immortal trees, by weak leaves. Just like the soul you rescued, an infinite soul.

A journey into one’s mind is an exploration of our souls intertwine. Light and awareness, the aliveness in every apparent motion in my mind. My thoughts and actions are justified by her, extracted out of me and returned to her. Everything I see, hear, do or know is enabled out of me. It is my mind and my being in use.

A journey into one’s mind is an exploration of the universe. Majid Ideisan is a 28-year-old engineer, specializing in renewable energy. He has found the energy that sustains his mental peace in the therapist he created: poetry. He discovered his passion for forms of poetry during his graduation year, at the University of Sharjah in UAE, and he unleashes it now to the world for the first time, offering to the readers and experience they can relate to, composed of rainy days, and conspiracies his mind embraces.

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