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I have poured my heart into these pages. As you turn from one page to the next, you will feel the contradictory emotions I grappled with as I gathered my thoughts and put ink to paper.

Silence has often overwhelmed me, leaving me unable to console even a friend due to profound feelings of displacement. In those wordless moments, I discovered a wealth of expressions my tongue could not articulate, my silence a means of survival amid the roiling sentiments of those around me.

In the ocean of my heart, you will glimpse situations my voice could not speak of and my feet could not withstand. Perhaps those unspeakable traumas were authored by me, or perhaps by the friends surrounding me.

If you seek, behind my silence, the emotions stirred within me during any given moment, you will find them immortalized in my book Sarmad.

Majd Ibrahim, she prefers to be called Jude.

She is twenty-three years old. She has had a love and passion for writing since she was ten years old, but she discovered her talent at the age of fifteen.

Her teacher, Munira Al-Qahtani, discovered her beautiful writing style. Instead of punishing her in her class, she contributed to her moral support, and she was very impressed with her writing.

She sees that writing is a very beautiful blessing that God has given her. Every time she prays, she prostrates to God in thanks for this great blessing.

She resorts to writing when she is in a bad mood, or that she is not feeling well. This makes her feel that she has emptied something big inside her and makes her feel better. She finds that she gets creative in writing whenever she is in a bad state, and she likes her descriptions of the words and the situation.

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