Who Rules the World in Wonderland?

Areej Khan

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In her twelve years of life, this is the first time Areej must truly start to find a meaning in her life as she goes through major emotional and territorial changes. Everything and everyone around her is changing and there is no stable, solid ground for Areej to put her feet on. As she struggles to bounce back from a dramatic fall from grace, she decides to pick up her pen.

Suddenly, this pen is her new best friend. Her rock, alongside her family. With her family supporting her and her pen in hand, Areej writes multiple poems, long and short, to calm her soul and pull on the strings of friendship, love and loss that connect and ground her to this world. As she reveals fragments of her story, those fragments merge together to form a larger narrative, one with the intention to provide an offering of hope in the present and for future generations.

Who Rules the World in Wonderland? takes us on a poetic adventure as they explore the intricate corners of human emotion in a body of work that inspires, soothes, and enlightens.

Filled with lyrical stories, both heartbreaking and empowering, Areej connects the reader with diverse characters and relatable circumstances. Join her as she rediscovers herself and tries to find out what her life truly means.

With every night,

As the people wonder

When the light is like a band,

In this world or any other,

“Who rules the world in wonderland?”

Areej, who is still waiting for her 12th birthday, had started penning down her thoughts and emotions as poems when she was nine. Areej has gone through a rollercoaster of emotions and those up and downs of her life can be seen in her poems. Areej left behind the luxuries and friends she grew up with in U.A.E., as her father lost his job, which led to her moving to India. There, she realized the true meaning of struggle without her protective father. Bouncing back to U.A.E. after two years, Areej found a better version of herself.

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