Rhythm Resonance

Maha Badawaki

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An old soul with a modern view
Numerous traumas she went through
She managed to emerge though with new mindsets
On a recovery journey, on herself she bets

She might seem simple on the surface
Yet, she’s boiling inside,trapped in a thermos
She claimed her feelings, identified them
Unearthing their roots, where they stem

No red lines, and no secrets
She just likes to share her candid experience
For your empathy, she’s surely needless
In emotional detection, a mere ingenious

She resonates and tolerates
In offering help, she never hesitates
Generously giving her care and time
With a strong encouragement to always rhyme
To self-love and dress to the nine
And inner core continuously refine.

Oh Hardships! they never last
I know how now, you’re deeply crashed
Rely on your creator, and release your burden
A new person will shine, an amazing version.

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