Perfectly Eastern

Aljazi Alremeili

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There are two types of men in the East: Ibrahim, and Omar. In the life of every woman, one of them has passed through, and sometimes even both.

According to such a narrative, Omar was supposed to be the type whom a girl pins all her hopes on, but who throws them all to the ground one day and leaves without offering an explanation or offering an excuse, as if he had never existed!

And Ibrahim is the one from whom the girl does not expect anything. To her, he will be like a safe haven that shelters her from the hardships of life…his presence is beautiful, his words are gentle, and his heart is kind.

In this book, we will witness the passing of the two in the life of the heroine of our story, and she will share with us the happiness of the bitter past and the fatal impotence of the present in which she lives, so will life grant her an opportunity to live?

Aljazi Alremeili is no different from any other girl, no matter how many might say otherwise.

In books, she finds travel tickets to new worlds, and in authorship she finds the opportunity to wear various masks.

She loves the sea and does not know how to swim. She dreams of traveling and has never set foot in an airport. She prefers quietness and solitude most of the time, and believes in the words of Imam Al-Shafi’i: “There is comfort in leaving.”

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