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In this book, we meet a very excited panda cub, Boo, who is invited to Hurtle’s birthday.

Also invited to the party are Boo’s cousins, Bam and Shutz, who are equally enthusiastic about the event.

As the party unfolds, the three cubs become increasingly excited, and begin to push the boundaries of behaviour along with the patience of their parents.

The intention is to demonstrate the consequences of the panda cub’s naughty behaviour, and the effects of their actions on all those at the party. It deals with a range of emotions that are felt by the cub’s parents, and everyone that became affected by their behaviour.

The story culminates in the cubs gaining an understanding of the consequences of their actions, and subsequent attempt of redemption.

Darren deeply believes that the most amazing characteristic of children is their ability to absorb information and learn new skills quickly. They live to develop their brains and it is our job to fulfill that potential. What we do today will echo throughout their lives.

Childhood is the best stage to remove potential roadblocks as it is the most critical stage to impact and shape their world in the long term.

Darren has produced a series of books that help kids and big people understand some of the trivialities and complexities that may hinder a child’s confidence and growth.

They make our world happier, so let’s give them the tools to become the best version of themselves.

Darren Taylor is a father, husband, model and actor, and originates from London.

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