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Jorn Lyseggen

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Outside Insight is a new decision Paradigm for mastering a new digital reality, where Porter’s five forces can be tracked in real-time.

Conventional decision-making primarily relies on internal data and largely overlooks the wealth of external data that has become available on the internet. Companies that don’t incorporate external information into their decision-making processes will make less informed decisions and, over time, fall behind competitors that do.

In Outside Insight, entrepreneur and Meltwater CEO Jorn Lyseggen describes the valuable and underutilized insights that can be found in the information that companies and people leave behind on the internet- our ‘digital breadcrumbs”. He shows how these can be used to create powerful intelligence that greatly benefits decision-makers across a company, from marketing and communications to product developers, executives, investors and more.

Using practical examples, from leading brands such as Apple and Facebook, to their quickly-growing competition, the book demonstrates how publicly available data types such as job postings, online news, social media, online ad spend, and patent applications create a treasure trove of rich competitive intelligence.

Outside Insight is a practical guide in how to break out of conventional decision-making and adapt to a new digital reality. It shows how you can harvest external information to create a powerful information advantage.

Jorn Lyseggen is the founder of Meltwater, which he started with $15,000 in Norway in 2001 and bootstrapped into a global leader in media intelligence with 60 offices on 6 continents, serving more than 30,000 corporate clients world-wide. Meltwater was Jorn’s 4th startup, and prior to Meltwater he had two trade sales and a public listing under his belt.

He started his career as a research scientist in artificial intelligence at the Norwegian Computing Center and has several patents to his credits. In 2016, Jorn launched Shack15, a data science hub and co-working space in London, with an ambition to create a global network of co-working spaces to foster the next generation of data science startups.

Jorn is an active philanthropist, and in 2008 he started Meltwater Entrepreneurial School of Technology (MEST), a tertiary school for training and developing African software entrepreneurs, and a pan-African network of tech incubators spanning Ghana, Nigeria, Kenya and South Africa.

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