Abdulrahman Al Wanis

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Orphan is a novel about love, loyalty, and the passion that resides in the soul despite all the harm, betrayal, and treachery that a person may receive from his beloved. The novel presents complex concepts in the philosophy of love, as it is difficult to understand and realize that the laws of logic apply to it.

It presents love and adoration in its pure form, far from everything in this life. Sometimes love remains blooming in a person’s heart despite all the harm he has been exposed to from his beloved.

It started in the heart but ends in the mind in the mind, and the last hope is that no one on this earth will suffer anymore.

A person who suffered from the beginning of his upbringing, and fell into the circus of passion and love. He suffered a lot but did not give up, and he tried hard to change the course, and to change the false reality into the truth, until he refined himself from nothing into something else.

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