On the Verge of Rising

Razan Mahairy

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Nations do not rise without elite thinkers.

The thinker in this novel is embodied in the personality of Nour, the voracious, ambitious, dreamy, patriotic, wise and educated reader, who meets by chance the Prince of the Emirate of Themar, who admired her personality, mind and wisdom, and decided to appoint her as a counselor in his palace, so that the prince would be more like King Debashlim, and Nour more like the philosopher Bidba in Kalila wa Dimna.

Since her appointment in the palace, the events of the novel have developed and escalated, as Nour deliberately broadcasts to Prince Noureddine her concerns and the concerns of her people, and her vision of elevating the nation towards glory, as she stands in the face of those who plan to tamper with the security of the emirate, and those who seek to ignite sedition in order to fight the corruption that ravages the emirate.

The woman in this novel presents a woman of free thought, free will, well-educated, steadfast in belonging to her nation, wise, with a sound mind, far from the stereotype in which the eastern society framed her.

Razan Mahairi has been a full-time high school teacher in the public sector in Lebanon since 2011, and a (previously) part-time professor at the Lebanese American University. She holds a master’s degree in Arabic literature and the Arabic language from Saint Joseph University in Beirut (with grade of Very Good) 16/20.

She loves reading, writing, traveling and sports of all kinds. She loves raising and taking care of cats. She is a long-time follower of the fine arts and is keen to write a weekly article (thoughts) on her Facebook page, Razan Mahairy, and RAZAN-m, on her Instagram page. She participates in a range of volunteering projects.

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