Nada Saruq Al-Hadid

Rached Abdulrzak Dabdob

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The events in the story of Nada Saruq Al-Hadid go back 4,000 years, and despite their antiquity, they show that our stories and dreams – we humans – are similar despite the differences in our times and races. Goodness is goodness that does not change, and love throughout the ages, no matter how much it increases, its meaning remains the same, and feelings are difficult to describe in all languages and words, and patience remains the most effective medicine for the burden of time.

Chivalry, no matter how broad its explanation is and how diverse its meaning is translated, remains a quality that can be acquired and possessed.

The stories of all ancestors remain aimed at preparing us to face challenges with patience, perseverance, and wisdom, while preserving our principles.

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