In Medical Education, the Ends Define the Means

Dr. Amal Swidan

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The book talks about the basics of medical education with the aim of building capacities and developing skills for the teaching entities in the medical and health group colleges and institutes. Medical education is the bedrock of the health services that governments provide to their citizens. Medical education supplies the society with doctors who must have high standards.

The book can benefit many disciplines of teachers working in the field of higher education, as there are many commonalities, specifically in Iraq and the Arab world, because it was written in the Arabic language; To be a contribution to supplying the Arab library with a specialized scientific publication that may be the first of its kind.

I hope that this book will be of service to the professor, the student, the intellectuals, the concerned citizens, and the decision makers in the field of educational and health services, and the service of human in general. By acquiring knowledge that qualifies community members to understand the process of preparing medical and health service providers, and to exercise community control over medical and health services.

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