I Am My Father

Ekram Atya Eid

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People who let you down, leaving your soul to bleed from sores and scars.
Their apologies come too late…
As if it will bring back the years to you, or return to you your health,
that is exhausted by the hardness of their hearts,
their merciless hearts.
Then destiny will bring you souls,
that relieves you of your grief without pain or whining,
And you who thought sadness would never be erased and would never be forgotten…
But God’s kindness will surely come.

Ekram Atya Eid was born and raised in the United Arab Emirates, in the city of Al Ain.
She studied chemistry, and currently works in the field of teaching. She loves the Arabic language, and has a passion for words.

She loves reading and writing stories with unexpected endings that touch reality. She writes prose, poetry, short stories, children’s stories, and literary and scientific texts. She finds her future and aspirations linked to the world of books.

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