Have Mercy on My Heart

Rania Namer Eitah

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One of them once asked:
Is love life bitter?
Another answered:
It varies according to the hearts
Sometimes it is a blessing and sometimes it is an ember
It may last forever, and it may be a stumbling block
Try it, maybe for you it will last a lifetime and be pleasurable
And maybe it will chain you to a rock
And you will start looking for ways to be free again..

Love creates miracles
And makes life deny life
Love, my dear, takes the soul on a journey to happiness
It takes the soul flying between universes
To forget everything that scared it and drowned it with sorrows
And it makes the heart live among the birds
Flying high and spreading peace among all the houses
With melodies filled with tones of lovers’ memories
And moments immersed in the imagination of the kings of sparkling love
Who sit on the thrones of Jasmine
And get blasted with breezes of perfume and longings

Rania Namer Eitah is a writer and author of prose stories, novels and poetry.
She was born in Syria in 1981. She holds a Bachelor’s of Arts degree in English Language, from Damascus University.
She holds postgraduate educational studies from Damascus University.
She is an English language and human development trainer.

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