The Farmer With A Heart Of Gold

Leen AlTamimi

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The Farmer with a Heart of Gold is a heartwarming children’s tale that explores the power of kindness and how it can attract miracles and even more goodness into one’s life. Set in a distant land, our story’s protagonist, Mr. Jim the farmer, has devoted his life to working on a farm owned by the cold-hearted Mr. Bob. When disaster strikes unexpectedly, Mr. Bob shows no compassion for Mr. Jim, giving him a mere 24 hours to save the land or face eviction. Devastated at the thought of leaving his beloved farm behind, Mr. Jim is on the brink of losing hope. However, with the help of four little friends, he discovers the significance of being a good person and believing in the miracles that surround us all. Mr. Jim learns that all he needs to do is ask, and the universe will respond to his pure heart and intentions.

Leen AlTamimi is a children’s book author with a first honors university degree in marketing, and a particular interest in the written word. Writing has always been a companion for Leen, winning writing contests from early on during her school days. Leen is particularly passionate about intercultural communication as a tool to bring about new means of thought and bridging of gaps and distances between us.

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