Child Health Around the World: The Adventures of a Kindhearted Pediatrician

Yossef Alnasser

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This book is about the experiences I lived and coexisted with, and my personal analysis of them from a scientific, humanistic, and social perspective. Perhaps these experiences will enrich the discussion and inspire my generation and the generation that came after me to contribute to changing the world and making it better than ever, “one patient at a time.”

It also aims to discuss equality, racism, social determinants of health and children’s rights from a local and global lens at the same time, which makes the reader focus on the similarities among human beings around the world instead of focusing on the differences.

In short, it is a draft of my thoughts on global citizenship, openness to the other and helping the poor and needy, regardless of their color, race, religion or sect.

Yossef Alnasser is a young pediatrician who fell in love with global health, as it took him around the world, where he was able to practice medicine and medical scientific research in more than twelve cities, seven countries, and four continents.

These experiences made him coexist with the global community, and see how we harmonize as residents of one planet and of one species called “humanity,” and with optimism he always repeats, “Perhaps what is in the future is more beautiful.”

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