The Charitable Ice-Cream Man

Zainab Ismail Al Khalfany

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In a quiet village lived Hamed, a kind-hearted boy, who was keen to help his poor father, so he made ice cream and sold it to the neighborhood children.

And every morning, he carried the ice cream container to the street, where the children gathered, so many young and old people flocked to where he stood, and among the children were two orphaned children, and Hamed was kind to them.

Hamed continued to sell ice cream and continued being kind to the two children, his profits increased day by day, and his business grew.

Years later, Hamed became the owner of many shops in his village and outside, and thus, with his kindness to his parents, family, the poor and orphans, Hamed found happiness and blessing in his life.

Zainab Al Khalfany holds a BA in Arabic Language and Literature from the College of Islamic and Arabic Studies in Dubai, and graduated in 2005.

She is an Arabic language teacher at Al-Shumoukh School in Al-Marfa City (Al-Gharbia Al-Dhafra Region).

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