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Meet BooBoo – A ten-year-old boy who brings a small African grey parrot as a pet into his house. BooBoo’s loner life is gets more interesting. But with time, a few things begin to change between two friends and later, he realizes that all living creatures have emotions in the same manner as humans.

Meet Cuckoo – A very talkative parrot who is the apple of BooBoo’s eye, but when change comes with no invitation in the form of two cute minor whooping coughs. As a result, the adorable relationship is beginning to fade. But after some changes, Cuckoo finds out that life is great by making new friends.

BooBoo & Cuckoo is a book dedicated to friendship, kindness, and love. It will teach young people to understand their pet’s feelings. Pets are not like plush toys with which you can play for some time and forget.

“I am a writer from all walks of life.”
Shaheen Kazi is a versatile author from Mumbai, India, living in Saudi Arabia for the past two decades. During her teenage years, she worked in the laboratory section of the military hospital in Saudi Arabia’s administration while studying IATA. However, Shaheen eventually pursued her passion for writing, which has always been close to her heart.

In 2020, Shaheen Kazi released her debut novel “Age Was Just a Number” and has since written eight books and three anthologies across various genres for diverse readers. She also maintains a blog on “The Literature Times” and was honoured with an award from “The Bharat Times.” She shows no signs of stopping anytime soon.

Readers highly seek Shaheen Kazi books at Bookfairs. Her bestseller ‘13 Nights of Tricks’ received immense love from English readers, prompting its translation into Hindi for Hindi readers. Despite being an avid reader, Shaheen does not use a Kindle and prefers carrying a physical book wherever she goes. Reading is essential to her daily routine and helps her start her day. Shaheen Kazi firmly believes in proving herself successful, even when others doubt her abilities

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