Angel Hearts

Somaia Ameen Zaki

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Sarah walks among the flowers as if they were jasmine in their color, and as if they were roses in their scent.

Her heart is big and love flows from it as if it were a river that quenches everyone’s thirst around it, until it reaches Adam’s heart and it beats, and his life is bursting with happiness. But, the days do not always flow smoothly, and amidst the roses there are thorns, so will Adam’s love for Sarah continue?

There is good and bad in life, but the good overpowers the bad in the end.

This story is an example of generosity, love and forgiveness.

I am looking for an angelic world filled with love, generosity, forgiveness and sacrifice as God has given me many blessings.
I feel like a bird flying in space, so I don't look at what is below me, I just look forward. I find everyone in their most beautiful form, I see them in white, and the black is receding. My eyes see all colors as pretty, and if any black enters them, it is only to beautify them, so I pity everyone who is surrounded by thorns, and I try my hardest to help them out of these thorns; and, if I cannot,, then I turn a blind eye.

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