A Meeting of Spirits

Faisal Bin Mohamed

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A person saw a vision that he was a merchant. This merchant was not righteous in his life, and he was not keen to do good work and have decent morals. Also, he did not raise his children well. This merchant died, and he was suffering the horrors of the grave, and in the cemetery some souls gathered in front of his grave to find out the secret of his permanent torment and what is the way to relieve him from the horrors and suffering of the grave. And the events continue until this person wakes up from his sleep, shocked by the horror of the dream, and begins to wonder: who is the merchant? And why did this long dream come to him? Through his contemplation of the events of this dream, he realises that there are things in his life that he must hasten to change, and through the dream he knew the requirements for the path of salvation.

Faisal Bin Mohamed - He is an Emirati author. He was born in the city of Khorfakkan in the Emirate of Sharjah in 1983 - He holds a BA in media studies from the University of Sharjah, as well as a diploma in information technology from the same university. - He started working in the government of Sharjah from 2005 and continues to work there. - He won the Sharjah Government Communication Award in 2018 for the best youth initiative in government communication in the Gulf countries. - In 2003, he won the first place prize in photography at the school-level competition in United Arab Emirates.

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