Basic steps on how to become a successful author



Are you a dreamer? And you want to make your dreams come true? You desire to be the most successful author? This won’t be a piece of cake because writing means touching the people, changing others’ lives and convey your thoughts and deliver it to readers and get their full attention of your words.

Writing is a great skill but it requires a constant fight for shaping ideas, creating interesting worlds and find the best way to capture emotions.

Do you want to win this fight? So your weapon is Knowledge, use this weapon to write in a creative way.

Now we will discuss the basic steps of how to be a successful and a creative author.

1. Let the Idea chip in

When an idea comes to your mind, accept it.

2. Giving Yourself Permission

The time when you decide that idea will bear fruit.

3. A strong Intention

Set the goals particularly to delight your audience

4. Finding the best resources

Gather all the material, the tools that you require to finish your job.

5. Commitment

You have to make the commitment with the idea.

6. Insistence

Keep going besides the difficulties.

7. Communicate

Communicate with other authors friendly. You may find the support from them.

8. Engagement

Allow yourself to enjoy the experience of engagement with your audience

9. Perspective

Assess and analyze your work, take the feedback from others

10. Revise

Refine your work grammatically and lingual

11. Publish

Offer your creation to the world.

12. Marketing