Sara Bady

Who among us did life not throw towards them a bouquet of its fates? In this novel, you have to be prepared to live with its heroes. A turbulent and confused love story, relevant to what is taking place in the Arab world, in which a playwright meets a distinguished businesswoman called Saray Fakhr Eldin among many political contradictions, in which he gets involved to find Samer and get him out of prison after he got involved in Samer's life that is full of injustice, torment, and blood. But on the other hand, it involves a lot of hope, love, and extreme infatuation, which was the reason for Samer's resistance and his return to life. On the other side, the drama of events intertwines with Youssef Al-Dijani and his French sister, to be the line of crossing out of these Arab countries in a dangerous attempt to escape from the bouquet of fates. If you are not afraid to find yourself directly responsible for what happens to us...then here you will never be a bystander...and if you believe in fates that come to you all at once and have enough courage to join the owners of the truth in the future, then this story is definitely for you.