Nouf Al Watban

Nouf is not a typical nutrition coach and personal trainer; she’s a powerhouse of passion and knowledge dedicated to educating others on healthy lifestyles. With a bachelor’s degree in marketing and specialized studies in Sports Nutrition and Therapeutic Nutrition from the Australian Correspondence School, Nouf is well-equipped to make a difference in people’s lives. Her expertise allows her to provide nutrition advice and plans for those managing conditions like diabetes, hypertension, celiac disease, cardiovascular disorders, and cancer. Driven by her devotion to health and wellness, Nouf wrote her first book to empower parents in developing healthy eating habits in children. She aims to spread her book far and wide to schools, paediatric clinics, and mothers’ groups to discuss the importance of nutrition for kids. When she isn’t working with clients, you can find Nouf immersing herself in reading articles and listening to lectures on emerging topics to ensure she stays at the forefront of her field, always ready to guidance her clients and readers. Curious to learn more about Nouf and her journey to wellness? Connect with her on Instagram at: @live_healthy_with_nouf