Nilouver El-Hefnawy & Azza Shaalan

The scientific and academic aspect: - Senior administrative leadership expert. - International management systems consulting. - Large references (ISO 9001 + ISO 14001 + ISO 45001). - Intensive Master of Business Administration. Diplomas: (Environmental monitoring and inspection + business administration + a professional diploma to develop leadership skills). Courses: (Environmental Impact Assessment + Waste Management). In addition to many courses in developing personal skills: - Technical and Scientific French Certificate - Specialization in Economics / Chamber of Commerce and Industry - Paris. - Bachelor of Business Administration - Department of Petroleum and Energy Facilities Management. the school: Lycée El Horreya - Heliopolis. The professional aspect: Current work: Director of quality control and assurance in a company in the petroleum sector in Cairo. - A license to practice the profession of a quality control and assurance specialist, and the right to judicial investigation in the field of quality - the National Institute of Atmospherics This is the Ministry of Commerce and Industry. NQI TD 11209/2021 The societal aspect: - Editor-in-Chief (My Son and Me Magazine) to raise awareness of women and children. - Member of the Human Rights Committee. - An accredited lecture to train students of the Faculty of Mass Communication, Cairo University, in the field of advertising and safety standards while making an advertising product I am. - An accredited lecturer in quality, safety and occupational health at the Arab Academy for Studies, Consultations and Training. - Interviewer on Egyptian TV programs and the Nile International Channel. -Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Group of Specialized Experts G-11. - A writer in various fields, especially community awareness (Arabic - French - English). The books were not published or promoted in print, but some of them were published electronically. -The book “Solved Problems” (separate articles to spread positive energy to overcome adversity). - “Speak a Word” booklet, which are cards for advice and guidance. - “I am always by your side” booklet, cards with words of lessons and compliments. - The book “The War of the Internal Organs” for children.