Mohammed Alqaseer

Mohammed Alqaseer, famous for his love of specialty coffee, was born in 1991 on the twenty-eighth of September. Mohammed lived with his family that consists of a father, a mother, a brother, and four sisters, in the Juffair area in Manama, Bahrain. He obtained his university education at Yarmouk University in 2014, and graduated with a Bachelor's in Media. He intended to obtain a master's degree in the Kingdom of Bahrain, but he embarked on the field of specialty coffee and immersed himself in it, and made his entire focus in this direction. He worked in many jobs; his first job was as a political journalist in Al Watan newspaper, then he moved to work in the Bahraini parliament, as well as in the e-government, and his last job was a media specialist in the "Kooheji Contracting Company". After all these jobs that he occupied, Alqaseer preferred to devote himself to two hobbies that he loved very much: preparing specialized coffee and writing, and publishing this short novel that he wrote to emphasize the importance of balance between mind, body, and spirit in an individual’s life, and how this balance is applied realistically and practically.