Abdullah Hussain Shugaibel

Abdullah Hussain Shugaibel was born in Makkah Al-Mukarramah, he grew up and received all his education there. He held several leadership positions as part of his professional life, he was assigned to head the admission and registration department in one of the teachers’ colleges in which he worked, then he was assigned to an educational supervision in the education of the Royal Commission in Yanbu Industrial City, then as director of educational supervision, then head of the Planning and Development Department in the General Education Department, then as Director of the Property Services Department, then Director of the Manpower Planning and Employment Department at the Royal Commission in Yanbu Industrial City. He has many books, social, educational and administrative treatises, and many literary contributions. Effective Leadership and Effectiveness of Performance - Leadership of Averting Harms and Bringing Interests is one of his contributions that hopes to enrich the Arab Library with, and through which it will benefit the Arab intellectual in search of knowledge.