Austin Macauley’s White Friday Sale 2022

White Friday Sale

We all love the White Friday Sale and anxiously wait for it every year. So, in this blog, we’ll share the history behind the White Friday Sale and how it became a highly anticipated phenomenon that everyone cherishes so much.

The History Behind The White Friday Sale

White Friday is the Middle Eastern equivalent of the successful Black Friday sales, a tradition that was initiated in the United States. It is an annual shopping event that is linked to Thanksgiving where shoppers are offered thousands of sales, deals, and discounts on almost all products and services.

How Did The White Friday Tradition Start in The Middle East?

White Friday started in 2014 after’s CEO, Ronaldo Mouchawar, observed how American shopping habits changed when discounts and deals were offered in abundance. He considered trying something similar in the Middle East around the same time. He started an activity that raises awareness around eCommerce and at the same time to see if there is an increase in web traffic and sales for businesses.

There were a few opinions about picking a date other than November, such as linking it to Ramadan, Eid al-Fitr, or Hajj that fit the Arab world traditions. However, they decided to rename the day from Black to White, as Friday represents a religious specificity and a social occasion for Arabs and Muslims in the region.

After Souq’s successful trial, many online and offline stores adopted the same idea and started preparing for this day every year with lucrative deals and discount offers.

Austin Macauley’s White Friday Sale 2022

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