7 ideas to fill your Mother’s Day with love and laughter



Mother’s Day is celebrated throughout the world to honour the mothers and their love and compassion that they give to their children. In the UAE, Mother’s Day is celebrated on 21st March. We all know that Mothers are the pillars that guard their children throughout their lifetime and stand by them through thick and thin. Mothers are a blessing without a doubt.


This Mother’s Day, we have decided to share a story to evoke the spirit of love for mothers in you.


This is the story of a girl who lost her mother a few months ago. She lived in a house with her little sister and father. One day she was alone at her house missing her mother immensely and decided to write about how she felt. She sat down to write for an hour or two but couldn’t find words to do so. Suddenly, she remembered that her mother used to write something on her diary every day without a break and decided to go through her mother’s diary. She went through her cupboard and found the diary, brought it to her room and closed the door shut. She began reading it. Tears began to roll down her cheek, not because of the fact that she missed her but because of the fact that she felt like reading the words of a whole new person rather than her own mother. After all these years she realised, what it was like to be a mother.

She always used to call her a selfish mother, because of the fact that she always took two apples, bit them both and then handed one over to her daughter. All these years she didn’t know that before giving the apple to her daughter she made sure to give her the sweeter one. She always complained to her mother that she didn’t get her the things she wanted but rather she got her the better ones. Even after all the fights that she had with her when she often even stopped talking to her. She documented it as the sweetest little argument with my little one. She often yelled at her mother but she never complained and rather wrote it as her sweet venting out session and when things got pretty heated up, she referred it as a ‘bitter-sweet’ venting out session. She often fought with her husband for her daughters when even they didn’t support her. These and many more little things came to attention where she completely misunderstood her. She learned who her mother was when it was too late.

This Mother’s day, take this as an opportunity to understand your mother and her struggles truly before it gets too late.

So let’s dedicate a day to our mothers to celebrate with them, and show them what they mean to us. Tell them that we understand the struggles of being a full-time mother. Thank them for how they have taught us every skill to survive in this world, how they fed us, educated us, became our first best friend, most importantly taught us how to be the best version of our own self.

As Abraham Lincoln quotes,

“All that I am, or hope to be, I owe to my angel mother.”

So, this Mother’s Day, spend some time with your mothers and put a huge smile on her face.

The best gift children can give to their parents is their time. But in order to make her feel special, you need to put in a little bit more effort. To do so, here are a few ideas on how you can celebrate this Mother’s Day with your loving mother.

  1. Get her something that is on her wish list as a present that she wanted for so long, such as jewellery, a watch, a dress, or a perfume, etc.Give her a day off, and get her breakfast in bed.
  2. Write cute, heart-warming and small customised notes for her and hid them in the places that she would normally check as a part of her daily routine, such as her on her breakfast tray, her dressing room, kitchen drawers, wallet, etc. Anywhere she would generally check and open them to receive your little tokens of love.
  3. Cook her favourite meals and treat like a queen that she is.
  4. Take her to a spa or any of her favourite place to get her to relax and enjoy.
  5. Get her something that is on her wish list as a present that she wanted for so long, such as jewellery, a watch, a dress, or a perfume, etc.
  6. Wake her up to an amazing surprise! Get her some balloons and flowers and leave them in her room before she wakes up.
  7. Plan a little party or a dinner and have your family over for a special Mother’s Day dinner.


And always remember,
“These little things, These little moments…

These aren’t little!”

We would like to hear what you did for your mother this Mother’s Day and let us know if these ideas were helpful for you.

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