10 Smart Book Promotion Strategies for Authors

10 Book Promotion Tips for Authors

Writing and publishing your book is one part, promoting it is another. While the sense of accomplishment that comes with publishing your book is unmatched, you will have to maintain this feeling by investing just an equal amount of time and energy in marketing your book. The good part is you own and love your work and the effort required to promote your book will not feel like a loathsome job. With some simple and easier book promotion tips listed below, you will begin to enjoy the whole process. Have faith and read on!

Invest time in promoting your book

For successful book promotion, you will have to dedicate your time. Now that you have authored a book, you do know that there is no shortcut to success. Invest time every day! Yes, there are smarter ways to go about promoting your book, but even smart work requires time. Whenever you have a chance to meet acknowledged writers, ask them about the strategies they have employed to get their book to a wider audience.

Increase your online presence

Remember, online book marketing is key. You might not be used to social media and other online platforms, but it is essential to promote your book online. So, gradually start building your presence online and try to maintain author profiles on Amazon and Goodreads, alongside your regular social media accounts such as Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. Build online relationships and engage with your online friends. This will be rewarding in the long run.

Have your own website

Make and maintain your own website, this will give you a feeling of running your very own project. Make your project as interesting as it gets. Publish daily blogs on your website. You may put down your reflections on any current event. This will take you farther along in your writing journey, while also bringing you the satisfaction that you are not out of your writing practice.

Create unique content

Offer free and interesting content on your social media. Share such excerpts from your book which may arouse the reader’s curiosity and pull the reader into reading the complete book. Do not just talk about your book, make your account diverse, so that your audience and fan club is generated. Once you attain a reputation, people will want to read your work.

Keep an eye on the engagement you get. This will help you gauge an idea of your audience and what they like to see and read more.

Hype up your upcoming book

Ideally, book promotion should begin before the release. You can run an online pre-order campaign. Try to create a hype around your upcoming book on social media so that the audience can see that something big is coming. Make your audience look forward to your book’s release date. Also, try to get pre-release book reviews from various online book review services before the release and share them on your social media.

Compile a mailing list

In the process, you will be contacting a lot of people and will find some to be encouraging; showing an inclination towards the theme of your book. Include them in your mailing list. Make sure to update your mailing list club whenever you are undertaking any new project or arranging any event related to your book. This is one of the best tried and tested book marketing strategies. You can start with using an email platform such as Mailchimp to capture your mailing list and promote it across your social media or website.

Make use of both paid and unpaid collaborations/services

If you have published your own book, do not hesitate to contact a specialized company to help you with running a book marketing campaign. Hire professional services whenever needed, for example getting the book cover designed. You will not regret making this financial investment. However, you can also collaborate with your PR list if you have a tight budget. Your blogger friends will love to give a shout-out to you and your masterpiece.

Organize online promotional events

As soon as your book is out, start preparing for one or two promotional events. Given the current scenario, you will have to arrange the events online. You can make maximum use of Facebook and Instagram live. Online promotional events will not hinder the prospects of your book, since such events also do pretty well. The important part is to engage bookstores and private libraries into being a part of your event. You can collaborate with book bloggers to help spread the word about the event or about going live.

Keep pamphlets ready

Get handy pamphlets (related to your book) printed! Keep them in your bag all the time. Being in a gathering is a good chance to let people know about your book through these pamphlets.

Cash your strengths!

Do all it takes to promote yourself and your book but do not let go of your unique self in the process. Keep your uniqueness intact and let it show through all the content you create and all the blogs you write. Just know your exclusive strong points and utilize them to the maximum in all the activities related to book marketing.

We wish you all the best with your book promotions!

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