Younis Ali Al-Hamdani

Younis Ali Jassim, also known as Younis Ali Hamdani, was born in 1970 in a village located in lower Zab, which originates from Debs city in Kirkuk, Iraq. He graduated from the Accounting Department of Kirkuk Technical Institute. He enjoys reading and swimming The book was written by Zahr Al Barari of the Cultural Affairs House in 2013. The book was part of the event named ‘Baghdad, the Capital of Arab Culture’. It talks about the Romani people in Iraq and how the protagonist of the story escapes from the convoy at a young age, wandering through many cities and countries, looking for his own identity and freedom, and his family and relatives. Another book was published (Under Angel Wings of the Owners) in 2015, by AKKAD Publishers. Unique and miraculous stories are narrated on both reality and fiction, and the difference between the rational and irrational. The book is written in an intense, poetic manner and is full of impressive dialogues.